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Our articles, publications and clients
Birds & Blooms magazine (2004) gourds with flowers photo on page 63
Answers in Genesis (2004) our honey bee and clearwing butterfly photos printed in the wall calendar "All Creatures Great and Small"
Butterfly Gardener magazine (summer 2004) Front cover Giant Swallowtail butterfly and Red Admiral butterfly photo on page 13
Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper (July 9, 2005) In The Garden (Beth Burwinkel) "Book born out of butterfly love"
Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper (Dec. 31, 2005) In The Garden (Beth Burwinkel) "These new year's resolutions could grow on you"
Birds & Blooms Extra magazine (March 2006) our article and photos about butterfly eggs "Which came First?" on page 5
The Life Cycles of Butterflies (April 2006) our first book, in paperback and hardcover editions, by Storey Publishing
Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper (April 15, 2006) In The Garden (Beth Burwinkel) "Butterfly enthusiasts' new book takes wing"
Birds & Blooms Extra magazine (Sept. 2006) our articles and photos "Test your Butterfly IQ" (pg. 5) and "Roots and Wings" (pg. 40 + 41)
Butterfly Gardener magazine (summer 2006) black swallowtail photo on page 13
Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper (Sept. 16, 2006) In The Garden (Beth Burwinkel) "Erlanger siblings featured in magazine"

Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper (Jan. 13, 2007) In The Garden (Beth Burwinkel) "Book wins Teachers' Choice Award"
Ray Weatherholt - (Feb. 2007) Life Science Teacher used photos for power point presentation for classroom
Nature's Garden magazine, Better Homes and Gardens (premier issue spring 2007) Special Butterfly Section all photos pages 28 - 35
Birds & Blooms magazine (April 2007) zebra swallowtail photo on page 22
Birds & Blooms Extra magazine (May 2007)  Just for Kids section (pg. 61) "Nature's Notes article with frog photo
Cincinnati magazine (June 2007) "Local Inspiration" Gardener Recognition Award (pg. 204)
Whitehouse Butterfly Conservatory (June 2007) our photos used to create a visitor sign for outdoor butterfly garden in Ohio
Michelle Ross - (July 2007) caterpillar photo printed in the Science Assessment test in New South Wales, Australia
Birds & Blooms Extra magazine (Nov. 2007) "Mistaken Identity" (pg. 48 - 49)  all caterpillar photos are ours

Monica Scott - (Feb. 2008) our chrysalis photo used on postcards to advertise classical music program "Papillons" in California
Darja Monke - (Feb. 2008) our moth photo used for background of transcription company website in Germany
John & Margaret Roston - (March 2008) our hummingbird moth photo used in Science Assessment for Univ. of East London
Juan Castillo - (March 2008) our photos used in butterfly book called "Mariposas" published in Spain
Jackie Martyn - (April 2008) our butterfly and caterpillar photos used by Master Gardener for power point presentation
Donna Pirnat - (May 2008) Science Teacher in Virginia used our photos in 2nd grade classroom power point presentation
Birds & Blooms magazine (June 2008) Zebra Swallowtail butterfly on p. 41 and American Lady butterfly on p. 45
Birds & Blooms Extra magazine (July 2008) Carolina Sphinx moth + caterpillar + eggs photos on page 39
Cincinnati magazine (June 2008) "Field of Dreams" (pg. 156 - 161)
Rich Cohen - (Sept. 2008) Science Educator, Liberty Science Center in New Jersey used our photos for metamorphosis program
Kevin Hale - (Sept. 2008) our photos used on educational website (www.everything-ladybug.com)
Meghan Emanuel - (Nov. 2008) our photos used by graduate student for power point presentation

Birds & Blooms Extra magazine (Jan. 2009) photos of Promethea moth caterpillar and cocoon on page 39
Dianne Tiede - (Feb. 2009) photos printed on educational boards for Eco Island Nature Center  in New York
Dyanne Zitko - (Feb. 2009) photos used in brochure and website for 'Cottage Farm for Mental Health' in Canada
Barbara Roberts - (Feb. 2009) photos used in curriculum for 4H club 3rd to 5th grade butterfly lessons in Illinois
Backyard Living magazine (March 2009) Tiger Swallowtail butterfly photo on index page and on page 22
Jason Lamb - (April 2009) photos printed on large outdoor sign for Maymont Historical Park in Virginia
Lisa Ferrer - (May 2009) photos used for Christian outdoor discovery center program for children in Pennsylvania
Nature's Garden magazine, Better Homes and Gardens (summer 2009 issue) caterpillar photos in the Caterpillar Gallery section
Birds & Blooms Extra magazine (July 2009) photo of Red-spotted Purple butterfly on page 51
Toledo Zoo - (2009) dozens of our butterfly life cycle photos used to create educational panels for the butterfly exhibit

David Morgan - (Jan. 2010) our caterpillar photo used in his book "Biosynthesis in Insects" published in England
Marika D'Eschambeault - (Jan. 2010) photos used in the Montreal Insectarium butterfly exhibit in Canada
Ellen Mackey - (July 2010) ladybug photo used in city Maintenance Manual about native plantings in California
Ellen Sousa - (August 2010) chrysalis photo used for online garden blog (BeautifulWildLifeGarden.com)
Common Ground Environmental Education Center (August 2010) Spicebush butterfly outdoor display photo exhibit in Connecticut
Asuka Hishiki, nature artist from Japan (August 2010) Eastern Comma butterfly - photos used as references for watercolor painting
Stephanie Jacob - (August 2010) Maryland Dept. of Parks and Recreation - butterfly and caterpillar photos used for public education sign
Loretta Lutman - (October 2010) we wrote a review for her childrens' book called "The Ugly Caterpillar" (ButterflyPlaceBooks.com)
Birds & Blooms annual hardcover book "The Best of Birds & Blooms 2010" - page 75 photo of the Red-spotted Purple butterfly
Ellen Sousa - (November 2010) our caterpillar photo used in her new book "The New England Natural Habitat Garden" (Bunker Hill Press)
Lary Rosenblatt - (2010) Merriam Webster Elementary School Library Dictionary printed our Cecropia Moth caterpillar photo
Brenda Dziedzic - (2010) our Baltimore Checkerspot eggs and chrysalis plus Great Spangled Fritillary egg photos used in her new book.

Communication Results Creative Services - (2011) our photos used for butterfly signs for Harriet Wetherill Park in Pennsylvania
Kentucky Living magazine - (May 2011) our article and photo "Summer Magic of Lightning Bugs"
The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs - (June 2011) our second book, in paperback and hardcover editions, by Storey Publishing
Tuin & Landschap - (June 2011) our paw paw tree photo in 'Garden and Landscape' magazine in the Netherlands
The Weekend Gardener - (July 2011) phone interview for live radio show in Canada by host Niki Jabbour
Joan Calder - (Aug 2011) we wrote a review for her Monarch book called "Airplanes in the Garden"

Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper - (Jan. 22, 2012) NKY Life (Sarah Hardee) "It's a bugs life for northern Kentucky siblings"
Milwaukee Zoo in Wisconsin - (April 2012) we provided several photos for their Butterfly Habitat Garden visitor information packet.
Cincinnati Museum Center - (May 2012) our photos are on display in the Ruthven Gallery exhibit called "The Worlds Within Your Yard".
Nature's Notes - (June 2012) our third published book.  Willow Creek Press.
Willow Creek Press 2013 Wall Calendar "Butterflies of North America" - (July 2012) our photos represent Jan., Feb. and July.
Garden Gate magazine - (August 2012) eight of our nature photos published in article "What Butterflies Really Want" pages 6-7.
Home School Enrichment magazine - (Sept. 2012) our article "Let Nature Be Your Teacher" and photos pages 54-55.
Country Gardens magazine - (Fall 2012) "Editor's Picks...Child's Play" - review of our book 'The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs'.
Kentucky Living magazine - (Aug. 2013) our article "What's Bugging You?" and 9 photos on pages 32-35.
Willow Creek Press 2014 Wall Calendar "Butterflies" - our photo represents the month of January.
Garden Gate magazine - (2015) Butterfly Special Edition - all photos on pages 12 - 13, Tiger Swallowtail life cycle stages.
A World Without Butterflies - (2015) our 4th published book -- an easy to understand guide for pollinator gardening.
Butterflies of North America - (2016) our 5th published book -- explore the life histories of more than 50 species of North American butterflies.

We are naturalists Judy Burris and Wayne Richards, a sister-brother author and photographer
We have been intrigued with butterflies since we were children.  We were raised to have
a strong respect for the natural world and always enjoyed spending time on hiking trails
looking for animals and trying to identify the trees, wildflowers and insects that we saw.  As
adults, this childhood interest in animal and plant life has translated into a nearly full-time
devotion to gardening specifically to support butterflies in every stage of their development,

(egg - caterpillar - chrysalis - butterfly)
.  We have spent many years observing, hand-raising,
and photographing these miraculous creatures in our own backyard butterfly gardens.           
We live in northern Kentucky just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  We enjoy teaching
others about flower gardening, nature photography and butterfly life cycles.  We encourage
everyone to give more serious thought to natural habitat conservation and responsible,

management of their own backyards to support native flora and fauna for future
generations to enjoy.  Our first book,
The Life Cycles of Butterflies won two Teacher's Choice
awards.  Over the years we also documented the life cycles of many other insects including
lightning bugs, giant silk moths, ladybugs, lace wings, praying mantis, and others so we
decided to write a book about those.  Our second book,
The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs won
the National Outdoor Book Award (NOBA) and also a Teacher's Choice award.  Our third book
is called
Nature's Notes and has also won five different national and international awards. Our
fourth book is  self-published and called
A World Without Butterflies, an easy to understand
guide for growing your own pollinator garden. Our fifth book is
Butterflies of North America,
where you can explore the life histories of more than 50 species of butterflies and their
caterpillars found in the United States.

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